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Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø / Adam Campbell & Aonghus McEvoy


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Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø is a trombonist and sound artist based in Berlin and Trondheim, focusing on live performance as well as a wide range of compositional and cross disciplinary projects. His current solo setup consists of heavily amplified trombone, analogue electronics and occasional field recordings, and undulates between claustrophobic tension and moments of ecstatic release. Breath is at the core of the project, and Nørstebø is utilizing an air compressor-like use of lungs, nuanced microphone technique and gain adjustments in order to unearth the intense physicality of the inherent low volume sound material.
“DYSTOPIAN DANCING” from 2022, his third solo release, showcases this unprocessed material along with an expanded section for “object orchestra”. Nørstebø has toured extensively since 2010, and released numerous records, spanning from solo to large groups. His collaborative projects include duos with Audrey Chen (BEAM SPLITTER), Daniel Lercher and JD Zazie, the “freejazzpop-band” Skadedyr, new music ensemble Aksiom and a myriad of collaborations with improvisers, visual artists, dancers, entities from around the world.
"..A heightened consciousness around a kind of beat based on variations in mouth morphology, pressure, and capacity ties time to the body, ups the stakes, and feedbacks into its violent undertones. A wide rhythmic palette provides much material for its reworking, which adds eerie noir and air raid sirens, glassy sines, and the ubiquitous clicking of an object orchestra, and the rhythmic raspberries blend with bumps that could come from programming as much as the mouth for a kind of breath-based dub techno."
- Keith Prosk, Harmonic series

HENRIK MUNKEBY NØRSTEBØ - phantom orchestra (2021) from BZ on Vimeo.


Aonghus McEvoy's work moves between oblique restraint and histrionic rock excess often taking the form of collaborations with improvisers, indeterminate scores for small ensembles and skewed takes on folk idioms. He has performed alongside musicians such as Annette Krebs, Jon Collin, Damo Suzuki, Rhodri Davies, David Maranha, Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh, David Lacey and worked with composers such as Jack Callahan, Eva-Maria Houben & Conal Ryan.

Adam Campbell is a musician from Glasgow currently based in Berlin. With Tristan Clutterbuck he co-founded Fancyyyyy, a record label and publisher of Eurorack modular synthesisers. He has performed at festivals including Counterflows and Tectonics and collaborated with musicians such as Tina Krekels, Fritz Welch, Goodiepal, Tony Bevan and Andrea Neumann.

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