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Lifts / Belvedere Torso


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Beginning in Dublin under the imposed isolation of lockdown, Lifts undertook an already open-minded approach to songwriting based on layered and varied instrumentation. Their 2022 debut EP Evergrowing, Overflowing is a record of those relatively humble beginnings. However, in the process of preparing their material for live performance, and with the assembly of a fixed lineup, a brand new and exciting sound began to emerge.

Electronically augmented violins, jazz drumming, passionate vocals, expressive piano, and intricate guitar work are all interwoven on Lifts' tightly constructed songs, which take as much inspiration from jazz and contemporary classical music as they do from folk song and post punk. Each of the members of the five-piece bring a different musical background to the table, and the band list late-period Talk Talk, Lankum, Can, Charles Mingus, and Arvo Part among their influences.

Belvedere Torso:

A headless, limbless form. Muscular grooves underpin melodic and rhythmic abstraction.
    Release Date: 11 Nov 23 Cat No: LIFTS1