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Welcome to LXXXVIII - the ninth Actress album produced by Darren Cunningham and the first-ever showcase of Actress' journey into the world of luxury sounds. “LXXXVIII” is the result of 25 years of creating mind-expanding, soul-invigorating audio infusions for dance floors, rave halls, festivals and concert halls.
“LXXXVIII” offers the space to reflect on an instrumental facet of its creation: game theory. Indeed, deep strategic thinking - more commonly associated with economics and chess than artistic practice - was fundamental to Actress's process when LXXXVIII was brought to life.
The release follows the fascinating 2022 EP, Dummy Corporation, which put Actress back at the center of underground club culture. Before that, the album "Karma & Desire" was released in 2020, on which Mercury Prize winner Sampha, Zsela and Aura T-09 appeared as guest musicians - the Guardian commented that it "cemented his place as one of the great poets of club culture. “
    Release Date: 02 Nov 23 Cat No: ZEN295