Alice Coltrane

Kirtan: Turiya Sings


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A rare album of Alice Coltrane's devotional music. Turiya Sings was originally released as a cassette at Coltrane's Ashram, located at the Vedantic Center in California. Its compositions were first based only on her Sanskrit vocals and a Wurlitzer organ, before being expanded with synthesisers, strings, and sound effects. The album, rediscovered some years ago by Coltrane's son Ravi, was bootlegged in 2015, but is now being officially reissued as Kirtan: Turiya Sings. The new release was mixed by Steve Genewick and mastered by Kevin Reeves.
"As her son, growing up and hearing her playing these songs on the very same Wurlitzer you hear on this recording," Ravi Coltrane wrote in a statement, "I recognize this choice maintains the purity and essence of Alice's musical and spiritual vision. In many ways, this new clarity brings these chants to an even higher place."
    Release Date: Cat No: 3593976