Draft 7.30


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Released simultaneously with Confield, Draft 7.30 is the latest of two new Autechre reissues from Warp.

"If you thought Autechre were forever lost in the chattering electronic static and tempo-less industrial fog that characterised their oppressively difficult last album, Draft 7.30 should come as a very welcome return to formality. Stripping much of the machinery away, Autechre have left hallucinogenic keyboard washes, pumping sub-bass and intensely complex drum patterns, all of which mutate and interact according to some alien logic. Fans suggest that previous album Confield was best listened to quietly in the dead of night; well, Draft 7.30 is best listened to very loud, through massive speakers. It's the perfect way to appreciate the meaty low-end that palpitates through tracks like "Surripere", the child-like chimes that creep through the background on "Theme of Sudden Roundabout" or the gut-pounding rhythm of "Xylin Room" that suddenly halts for a split-second leaving one sprawling forward on the track's sheer momentum. Hardcore fans might dismiss this as a step back from the brink, a mere retread of ground that's being stamped flat by Autechre's army of copyists. But ultimately, Draft 7.30 is a blast to listen to--a genuine rarity in leftfield electronica nowadays."

- Louis Pattison
    Release Date: 23 Feb 23 Cat No: WARPLP111R