Beat Happening



Sold Out

The second Beat Happening album. Feedback squeals, 11 songs that are heavy like chocolate cake or breath on your neck. Jamboree is hailed as the one that got everyone to stop dawdling and start creating. Calvin, Heather, and Bret: three people with a passion that's still causing after-shocks, decades and some change after initial release. Originally a 1988 co-release with Rough Trade in the U.S. and Stephen Pastel's 53rd & 3rd label in Scotland, Jamboree has been out of print on vinyl for years. Includes the original version of "Indian Summer," since covered by the likes of Ben Gibbard and R.E.M. Nail it to your turntable and arch your back to the primitive beat.
    Release Date: 11 Nov 22 Cat No: REWIGLP115