Dropped Balls


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Dropped Balls is the debut 12” vinyl release for Galway’s Belacqua. After previous releases on Unscene Music and Wherethetimegoes, Dropped Balls sees the Galweigan channelling his inner Sound Hack and travelling back in time to early 80’s NYC for a riotous collage of off kilter sampling, propellent drums, weeping acid and a general air of barely-controlled chaos.

Gunnish kicks things off with jagged piano riffs before charging full steam ahead into the wall of a dank basement in the Meatpacking District before Davish jumps into life with its supercharged, rolling drums. The A-side then slowly but surely descends into the washes of distorted synths and booming kicks of Youngish

On the flipside Marshall Applewhite (Yo Sucka! Detroit) drowns the stuttering funk of Gunnish in his trademark sludged out techno before the 12” takes a turn to the emotive with the transcending, slo-mo acid of release closer, Tennish.
    Release Date: 10 Nov 23 Cat No: APT017