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It Don't Bother Me


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‘It Don’t Bother Me’ was first released in November 1965 and is invariably overlooked because it came so soon after Jansch’s timeless, self-titled debut album. Unlike that album which took its strength from the repertoire he’d been playing for years, as Mick Houghton’s liner notes explain; “When Jansch came to record ‘It Don’t Bother Me’ a few weeks after ‘Bert Jansch’ hit the shops, he was required to come up with a completely new batch of songs just as his life was changing around him.”

The title track is one of Jansch’s finest and most personal songs reflecting on is new found fame as the poster boy of a new breed of young folk guitarists. Other highlights include ‘Lucky Thirteen’, a sprightly collaboration with John Renbourn which hinted at the promise to come and ‘900 Miles’, the first traditional song Jansch recorded and the first time he played banjo on record. On both counts, ‘It Don’t Bother Me’ presaged the two albums which followed.

This superb edition is the second in a series of all seven of Bert Jansch’s Transatlantic Records recordings, all of which have been remastered from the original master tapes for the first time ever.
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