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Mastalgia is a 6 track ethereal pop record produced by Bitflower Bb throughout 2017 - 2018 and released in 2019 on label New Info.

Mastalgia is a collection of bedroom pop songs born out of urban mornings and suburban evenings. The record was made as a companion for dusk walks and light of dawn commutes along Dublin streets. The songs endeavour to slow the flickering blur of urban routine and celebrate the personal narratives imbued along the city's laneways, windows, walls, telephone cables, and bicycle lanes.

Each track echoes a delicate appreciation of private daily journeys, saturated in memory, hope and imagination. The word mastalgia itself denotes the common, cyclical breast pain, which most women experience frequently and without utterance. Providing pacifying melodic remedies for growing pains, Mastalgia nurtures the cultivation of treasured private space, from the heart of it’s producer to the heart of the listener.
    Release Date: 06 Jun 19 Cat No: NIBB12x1