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"Key to Bixiga 70's style is how the group both breaks ground and can sling a universally appealing tune - balancing a sense of modernity with retro brass and hand percussion that draws on the centuries-old West African-Caribbean connection still so crucial to Brazilian musical aesthetics today." -- Pop Matters

Sao Paulo's Afro-Brazilian groove visionaries Bixiga 70 return with an ecstatic 5th album -Vapor- their first in four years. The sound is joyful, a series of potent horn driven melodies and infectious polyrhythms. More than a return,Vaporis a rebirth for Bixiga 70, with the exuberance of a party; ten people who are happy to be playing together and find a release of energy in their music."We're a stage band, that's our natural habitat," says baritonesax playerCuca Ferreira."A show has its own narrative, and we tried to give that to this album."
    Release Date: 28 Oct 23 Cat No: GBLP146