Bremer Mccoy



Sold Out

What were they up to? They couldn’t explain it. But not explaining it was part of the point. The Danish duo Bremer / McCoy – with Jonathan Bremer on acoustic bass and Morten McCoy on keys and tape delay—recorded straight to tape so that they had as little time as possible to think about it. They just laid it down.

The duo has been making music that defies categorization since 2012. They started as a dub group, bringing their own sound system to shows. Now their sound lilts between jazz, ambient, and neoclassical, with contemplative, propulsive melodies that capture the Nordic woods they walk in. Their last full-length release, 2019’s clear-eyed Utopia, gained them a cult following in the U.S. and a roster of notable fans, including Nils Frahm and Gilles Peterson.

The duo’s latest release Natten, which means “The Night” in Danish, strives for even more transcendence, more freedom, more of everything in whatever sound they’re making. It’s still hard to explain. It’s not meant to be explained. These 11 tracks are tinged with the sublime: watching the setting sun, feeling the planet tilt on its axis. If you listen closely, you can hear the constellations. Let Bremer / McCoy bring the night mood to you, whatever you’re up to.
    Release Date: 29 Oct 21 Cat No: LB 0098LP