Brian Harden

Instinctive Meditation


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Brian Harden is one of the many talented Chicago house producers out there who sit just below the top talent in terms of global reputation. But he shouldn’t – his sound is as musical and timeless as any from the Windy City. He’s been grafting since the 90s and now taps into that long career with a new collection of rare cuts and unreleased gems on this Instinctive Meditation album for French label D3 Elements. There is textbook heavy drum work and spaced-out synths on ‘Zion’ before warmer, deeper basement cuts like ‘Nomadic Jazz’. ‘Yeah’ is a party starter with clattering percussion softened by more jazzy chord work and ‘Motionless’ allows you a moment to catch your breath on some cosmic ambiance. The rest of the record takes in deeper techno, samba-tinged deep house shufflers and star-gazing beauties for 4AM. Proof if you needed it that Harden is a boss.
    Release Date: 20 Mar 23 Cat No: D3ELP2