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"Sara Leslie, Niamh Dalton, Elaine Howley, Muireann Ní Sheoige Eachthighearn (Mo) & Roslyn Steer come together for this month’s CIMC at Plugd. The group present a take on the string quartet — Double Bass, Cello, Viola & 5 string fiddle ­— with electronics by Howley nestling in alongside. Em Dash (—) is a zine of musical directions put together by Niamh Dalton specifically for this event to lead the group through the improvised works. Using written text instructions and visual cues as a loose framework, the band will explore and respond to the possibilities created in real-time by the players."

Sara Leslie is a multi-instrumentalist from Waterford. Hums often, bops generally, plucks much, bows on occasion, and typically at play. Seen prancing with bands Trá Pháidín, Ana Palindrome & pôt-pôt.

Niamh Dalton is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter based in Cork City. Fiddle being her main instrument, she sits within the Irish and Old-Time fiddle traditions as well as exploring extended technique, improvisation and experimenting with pedals and cross tunings. She writes songs under the alias Ana Palindrome alongside her bandmates Rúairi De Búrca and Sara Leslie. She currently plays with bands Trá Pháidín & Anna Mieka.

Elaine Howley is a singer, songwriter and producer originally from Tipperary Town and living in Cork. She is a member of rock group 'The Altered Hours', experimental trio 'Crevice' and duo 'HowlBux'. In 2022 Elaine released her debut solo album 'The Distance Between Heart and Mouth' on Touch Sensitive Records.

Muireann Ní Sheoighe Eachthighearn (Mo) is a composer, luthier and multi-instrumentalist from Tiobraid Árann. She is currently based in Cork city.

Roslyn Steer is a Cork-based musician known for her work both as a solo musician and in collaboration with groups such as Crevice (with Elaine Howley and Irene Buckley) and the Cork Improvised Music Club. Her sound touches on folk, pop, ambient, drone, and improvised musics and is usually well soaked in reverb.

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