Coyote Special Editions


Sold Out

Repress! The Coyote lads take a moment to chill from their ever-steady output on their Is It Balearic? label to drop this pearler for the Magic Wand edit series. It won't take a private gumshoe to work out the source material for 'Kate's Bush (Nocturnal Edit)', but you won't have heard the original simmering quite like this brooding version before. 'Kool Kats' is dripping in yacht rock delight with Mercurial vocal trysts over the top, while 'Lee Sure (Black Hashish Dub)' takes things far out into pure sundown wind-down territory. 'El Verano' completes the set with a beautiful, dusty lick of 70s funk, complete with sultry trumpet and the lightest of FX touches.
    Release Date: 05 May 23 Cat No: MWSE007