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Includes LP poster jacket, in a poly bag and MP3 download of album

While their previous release, 'Configuração do Lamento', captured the group as they delved deep into their own musical world of diverse and discordant characteristics 'Metaprogramação' takes this blend to entirely new extremes. In a narrative where songs melt and dissolve into one another, electronic pulses blend into the power of rhythmic and percussive fabrics frantically woven to imprint this 'future-primitive psychic scenario' into the songs. Difficult to describe or pigeonhole - yet, all the elements which characterize the band's punk and aggressive aesthetic are present (even if in unpredictable and surprising ways) - barrages of delay and noise, wailing guitars, dancing frenzied rhythms - all culminating in a wild psychedelic journey that's bound to reach one's mind through the body while inebriating both.

    Release Date: 07 Mar 19 Cat No: NR113LP