Death Is Not The End

London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993, Vol. 2


Sold Out

“It’s time to slip into the ad break, see you on the other side…”, “to leave a message all you have to do is dial…”, “remember, roller express, July 18, come ‘n get it....”. UK pirate radio adverts are an art in themselves. The nostalgic magic of a giddy radio host doing their best to get you down to whatever rave is on that weekend sounds like nothing else around. Death Is Not The End have collected adverts and idents from 1984-1993, capturing the feel of London’s pirate radio golden era. 40 different recordings tell the story of early UK rave from a fascinating perspective. Whether you were tuned in at the time or not, this compilation is a trip worth taking.
    Release Date: 23 Jun 22 Cat No: DEATH040LP