Declan Synnott

Everything Lost In The Image


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Declan Synnott is a Wexford-born, Cork-based musician, prodigiously active in the Irish underground since the mid-2000's. Current activities include noise/dirge-rock Band of Synnotts Síoraí Geimhreadh, hardcore arm wrestling champions Horse, synth noise project Mvestle, insurrectionary electronic duo Bodycam, and no-fi noise trio Power Acoustics. In his solo guise, he makes primarily analogue synthesiser based music with an emphasis on low resonant bass tones and slow sound progressions.

Everything Lost In The Image was recorded and edited over a three year period, from 2019 to 2022, and employs analogue synthesiser, piano, and room recordings. The album continues threads explored by Synnott in previous solo works - subtlety rendered to near inertia, meditation on mundanity, intuitive composition in avoidance of stylistic models. It is sometimes austere, sometimes visceral, often beautiful.
    Release Date: 20 Nov 22 Cat No: KK-05