Dj City

Giuda Iscariota


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After a stint of regarded releases on Public Possesion DJ City returns to Cocktail demote Music with Giuda Iscariota.The title might evoke images of the eternal betrayal but DJ City seems fully devoted to his crowd. Fueled by the distant memory of his regular sets at Cocktail, City touches on an array of moods and styles keeping his foot on the pedal. Giuda Iscariota emulates the selection choices of DJ City during his many sets at the party with a no nonsense focus on dance floor drivers while Nattens Tysta Timmar slathers on the queer vibe by sounding like a lost Pet Shop Boys deep cut. On the flip Sophies Theme picks up the pace again with acid laden house grooves and Archeoicae’s head down hands up arp driven frenzy.
    Release Date: 20 Jun 22 Cat No: CDA033