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Living Room & All Ireland Tour

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DOSE presents: Living Room & All Ireland Tour

Drift into the dreamscape and melt away with us on a balmy Saturday evening, guided by some of our favourite sonic explorers from Ireland and Portugal. Weave between experimental ambient textures and atmospheric pop permutations hosted in neighbouring city centre oases TEST SITE and plugd.

Performances from the Living Room and The All Ireland Tour will take place in parallel. Acts will be staggered to allow you to experience the full breadth of soundscapes on offer for the duration.



An ambient experimental night and mix series made up of artists, producers and DJs operating for the last few years across various venues in Lisbon, which regularly hosts cutting edge artists at the forefront of ambient & experimental music from across the globe. Currently based in Cosmos Campolide; Usof, Asio Otus, Eneko Zarazua and Carolf have been making waves across Europe for their consistently outstanding and forward thinking ambient & experimental dreamscapes. We are delighted to welcome them to Cork on the 26th.


usof (b. 1998, Almada, Portugal) is a musician, visual artist, DJ and event promoter transversally focused on ambient and immersive music. Co-founder of Rotten \ Fresh, a label recognized as a national reference of contemporary and experimental music, he published the albums “Selections 0, 1 and 2” with this label besides being curator and responsible for the netlabel surf, where he published the EP “refresh”. Besides some self-released work he has singles, remixes and mixtapes on labels like Yunque (NL); International Winners, enmossed (US); Slagwerk (BEL); WET, nodisk (DE); Deardogs (FR) and Mizuha (JP). He has presented his live work in venues and festivals such as Kwia, Pracht (DE), Ankali Club/Planeta Za (CZ), Rua das Gaivotas 6, Galeria Zé dos Bois, OUT.FEST (PT) among many others.

Asio otus

Asio otus creates electronic compositions that are on the border of ambient and dance music, using melodic soundscapes and a diverse ecosystem of inhabiting sounds. He has a small number of EPs and albums, most of which are self-released. The Hungarian born artist has been based in Lisbon for a number of years.

Eneko Zarazua

Eneko Zarazua plays unprepared guitar and electronics, and runs Yunque, a small press for experimental music. Currently based in Amsterdam you can check out tracks released on Yunque below


carolf is a ambient enthusiast and DJ from Lisbon, with sets focused on deep listening, experimental textures and sporadic rhythms. You can find her playing deep grooves and ethereal soundscapes across Lisbon on a weekly basis and she has a monthly radio show ~ hush ~ on Rádio Paranóia. In just the past month she has played alongside DJ Assault and Mana (Hyperdub).



The All Ireland Tour (of All of Ireland) will commence on the 15th of August. Isaac Jones, Henry Earnest and Passersby, along with many other Independent Irish artists will play a series of 32 shows, one in each county, before finishing in Dublin on the 15th of September. This is the first time that a tour of this scale has ever been attempted in Ireland.

Olan Monk, Seán Being & Spellcaster (Trio)

DOSE alumni Olan Monk and Seán Being are joined by Danish artist and friend Spellcaster—prominent and long-standing member of the Copenhagen DIY scene—to form a new trio, collaging and re-working the three artists’ unique interpretations of pop and rock together. They will be performing from each other’s songbooks, debuting works-in-progress, and improvising through voice and live instrumentation. 'Aingeal go deo, chapter three'.

Isaac Jones

Isaac Jones began releasing music in July of 2019. He released a slew of singles and an EP in 2020 before taking a break for nearly 3 years. This hiatus is concluding with The All Ireland Tour, and the release of the EP GET LOST!, coming out in early August. Isaac Jones’ blend of Indie and RnB has seen much support globally since the release of his first single Listen, garnering him over a million streams across his work, and his new release is the announcement of a new direction, more oriented towards distortion and noise while maintaining the attention to songwriting that is always at the core of his work.


Passersby is a producer and songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. The solo moniker of Diarmuid O’Connor, formerly of Angular Hank, Passersby has been releasing moody folktronica since 2021. His music eschews categorization, taking the listener through a variety of genres, from shoegaze and noise, to folk and pop, all of which balance on dense atmospheric textures and lush production. Passersby is taking his band on The All Ireland Tour, where they will bring his arrangements to life. He is currently finishing work on the followup to his eclectic 2021 cassette ALWAYS.

 2022 Dose event at Test Site

Dose at Test Site from Cristian Cruceru on Vimeo.


Tickets are priced at  21 for TEST SITE only and at  27 for a combo ticket which gives entry to both TEST SITE and plugd. Capacity is incredibly limited and combo tickets will sell out quickly, so make sure not to miss out.

DOSE promotes safe, inclusive spaces and transphobia, homophobia, racism and any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated. TEST SITE is an alcohol free space and is open to people of all ages, provided children are accompanied by an adult.

Art by Mel Keane.

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