Lunar Ruins


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2023 Repress! After his critically acclaimed Frustrated Funk releases 'Alsoran' and 'Vox Automaton' in 2007, Gerard Hanson returns to la familia frustrada to drop yet another selection of his finest material. Again 2 releases. This time starting with Harbour City Sorrow followed later with a 12'' on Frustrated Funk. 'Lunar Ruins' shows his deeper side again with skillfully crafted tracks loaded with fragile moments of elegance and beauty. The title track is already known from his amazing live sets, and was recorded around the same period as 'Alsoran'. Typical E.R.P. basslines combined with tear jerkin strings. With 'Into The Distance' Gerard shows his love for the early DMay sound and programming style. The final track 'Mimosa Canopy' is an experimental minimalistic track with warm pads, clean production and lots of tweaking freakyness. Great release again from our humble Texan friend.
    Release Date: 23 Mar 17 Cat No: HCS996