Eden Ahbez

Eden's Island


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Reissue, originally released in 1960. During the late 1940s, enigmatic proto-hippie Eden Ahbez lived off the grid beneath the Hollywood sign, fueled by a raw food diet and dreams of a far-off paradise, scraping a living by writing songs like "Nature Boy" for Nat King Cole. Sole LP Eden's Island is a one-off, exotica wonder from 1960 that puts you in Ahbez's dreamy headspace through innovative sound design that fills in the blanks of his seascape, the vibraphones and piano capped by drifting choruses and Ahbez's disjointed spoken words. Definitely ahead of its time and apart from the later works by Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman, this is a must for all exotica fans.
    Release Date: 21 Dec 22 Cat No: SVVRCH068