Eitetsu Hayashi

Kaze No Shisha


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Deeper and deeper: studio mule excavates another treasure from Japan’s rich modern music history. This time spiritual leaning rhythms that come from none other than Eitet-Su Hayashi, one of Japan’s most renown taiko drummers, a percussive instrument that is deeply rooted in the mythology of Japanese folklore.

With “Kaze No Shisha”, studio mule reissues a crucial album of his long-spanning career, that started in 1971, when Hayashi joined the globally famed Ondekoza group. The so called “demon drum group“ established the taiko drumming to a global audience and intensively toured around the globe between 1975 and 1981 - the year the group split.

Shortly after, Hayashi and some like-minded spirits formed Kodo, a new drum troupe with Hayashi as lead drummer. After their first live performances he left the ensemble again in order to launch his solo career, whose first output marked “Kaze No Shisha”, released in 1983 on the Japanese subsidiary of the us record company victor.

The album’s six compositions feature Hayashi on taiko drum and other percussion, famed Japanese composer Midori Takada on marimba, cymbal and bells, Shuichi Chino on synthesizer, Chi Soungja on the traditional korean zither gayageum and the korean janggu drum as well as the singers Kamur and Tenko, also known as the honeymoons.

All songs have been written by Eitetsu Hayashi and been recorded between July and August 1983 at sunrise studio and Victor Aoyama studio in Tokyo. It must have been an intensive time. A time, in which Hayashi transformed the drumbeat of his heart into a variety of sounds, melodies and rhythms, without losing the melancholic, yet demanding Kaito air.
    Release Date: 04 Feb 21 Cat No: Studio Mule 36