Eliane Radigue

In Memoriam-Ostinato / Danse des Dakinis


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Alga Marghen presents the last chapter from the »Feedback Works« documentation series, a brand-new LP including »In Memoriam-Ostinato« and »Danse des Dakinis«, two previous unreleased tracks by Eliane Radigue. Among the works of fixed duration from the feedback period, »In Memoriam-Ostinato« is the link between »Jouet Electronique« and »Opus 17«, and allows you to understand the evolution of her approach. »In Memoriam-Ostinato« is a game of mirroring symbols which glide into a non-measured, bent and elastic, temporality.
    Release Date: 11 Jan 23 Cat No: plana-R 51NMN170