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Equations Collective X Lena Platonos X Rabih Beaini


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In 2021 experimental label & artistic platform 99CHANTS released chant#8: 'The Helicon Sessions', the debut album by Equations Collective, a multi-disciplinary artist group comprising Artefakt, Aroma Pitch, Aphelion, and Sphera De Noumenon. An expansive suite of improvised electronics combining drone, dub, techno and acid, 'The Helicon Sessions' were recorded at an outdoor, solar powered studio on Mount Helicon in Boeotia, Greece.

Following on from this in 2022, 99CHANTS presents chant#9: 'Equations Collective x Lena Platonos x Rabih Beaini', a brace of remixes that rework the album's original sessions. Inviting artists to reinterpret the release around ideas of reconstruction/deconstruction, this new record features pioneering Greek electronic musician, pianist, and lyricist Lena Platonos, in collaboration with Equations Collective member Yiorgos Konstantoulakis (aka Aphelion), alongside Lebanese-born producer, DJ and Morphine label head Rabih Beaini.

Lena Platonos x Yiorgos Konstantoulakis' Side A 'reconstruction' of 'The Helicon Sessions' explores tense sonic atmospheres and incorporates subtle, kinetic drum machine susurration from Konstantoulakis, providing a setting for Platonos' Greek language spoken word poetry. On Side B, Beaini's 'deconstruction' of the sessions dives into percussive electronics inspired by specific rituals in West Java. Performed on an 808 and outboard gear, the track gradually builds to a full-bodied crescendo before introducing understated washes of melodic colour.
    Release Date: 12 May 22 Cat No: 99CHANTS09