Erick Cosaque

Chinal Ka 1973 – 1995


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Huge compilation of music which Erick Cosaque was involved with during 1973 - 1995. Killer Gwo Ka / jazz crossovers from his early days to the more digital zouk bangers he produced in the 80's / 90's.. Almost never reissued or compiled before, this is a big one for the tropical music heads! Comes on a double LP -Including booklet with 8 pages of biography and track by track, translated in English, French and Créole.

Some words from the label:
A strong, rough, plump voice with the typical tone heard in the creole outdoor musical gatherings. Erick Cosaque’s voice is made to go over and above the two boula drums and the makè drum which are associated in general, along a few light percussions, with the Guadeloupean gwo ka. Whether heard at an informal street corner kout’ tanbou, during a traditional evening at someone’s place or in the musical léwoz of a community center, his warm yet imperial voice has been known by West Indians, in the islands and in the mainland through music, radio and television thanks to a career spanning more than forty five years – about twenty solo albums, forty or so participations and collaborations with artists of all generations and genres within the Caribbean music scene.
    Release Date: 03 Dec 19 Cat No: HS 200VL