Esbjorn Svensson Trio

Seven Days Of Falling (green vinyl)

LPx2 - green vinyl

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Originally released in 2003, Seven Days Of Falling is one of the best-selling e.s.t. AKA Esbjorn Svensson Trio albums to date. It captures the band`s unique sound and artistry at their peak.

e.s.t. were so much more than just a ‘jazz’ band - their music confounded the expectations of audiences who thought they knew what jazz sounded like, blew away preconceptions about where the boundaries between genres were and introduced countless non-jazz listeners around the world to the idea that instrumental, improvised music could be as intelligent, interesting, satisfying and accessible as more traditionally popular styles. Their tunes could encompass the energy and hypnotic thrall of dance music, the drive and riotous power of rock, or the meditative solemnity of quiet chill-out electronica.

Seven Days Of Falling features the wonderful ballads ‘Ballad For The Unborn’ and ‘Why She Didn’t Come’ and guides us through great musical landscapes but it is songs like ‘O.D.R.I.P.’ and ‘Elevation Of Love’ that set the pace. The e.s.t. magic that has captured so many admirers is still very much present in their compelling themes, Esbjorn Svensson’s seductive piano melodies, bassist Dan Berglund’s use of bow and sound effects (with Hendrix-like results) and drummer Magnus Ostrom’s accelerating drum ’n’ bass beats.

Ballad Of The Unborn
Seven Days Of Falling
Mingle In The Mincing-Machine
Evening In Atlantis
Did They Ever Tell Cousteau
Believe Beleft Below
Elevation Of Love
In My Garage
Why She Couln´t Come
Love Is Real (Hidden track)

    Release Date: 18 Jun 21 Cat No: ACTLP9012-1