The Mockturtle


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Hambourg’s electro duo Fallbeil composed by Wosto and Kluentah, is still pretty unknown despite they’ve been releasing a bunch of EP and a couple of LP on label like Mannequin, Killekill sub-label Boidae or New York Haunted and more recently on their own label Teerpappe to name a few. Wosto, long time Macadam Mambo’s collaborater (Danzas Electricas vol. 2 & 3), sent us demos of what sounds very like « what Drexciya would realease on Bunker Records », a compilation of irresistible dark atmospheres slow electro tunes with very raw textures, complemented by few little skits to generate a brilliant album around the story of the Mockturtle. It’s rough as it should be ! And ! Little TIP for gabber’s heads dj, some tracks can be played in 45rpm check « No Go Area » and « Rackelhahn » it makes it worth
    Release Date: 14 Mar 23 Cat No: MMLPXX505