Buddha Machine #1 2023 Reissue Blue


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The classic loops of the original FM3 Buddha Machine evoke instant nostalgia for a slower, more simple world.

Born before the iPhone era, this iconic device has weathered two decades of pop culture and fashion trends, yet remains defiantly, heroically unique.

Its enduring simplicity cloaks an extraordinary power: the ability to transcend time. It is both a sonic portal to a hands-on analogue past and a bridge to a digital ever-present.

This is not just a re-issue; it is a revival and refinement of a sonic manifesto that unfolds softly, gently and organically, resonating with the subtle rhythms of life.
The Buddha 1 2023 edition from FM3.

Available now in 5 colours: Red, Orange, Green, Blue and limited-edition Pink. Features upgraded sound quality and user experience.

Louder speaker and 2 new individual side buttons make device control more direct and intuitive.
    Release Date: 10 Nov 23 Cat No: CVMK2023BLUE