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Monday 18th September performance

In keeping with Gaitkrash’s signature exploration of building innovative theatrical experiences around Beckett’s texts – Beckett@ the Factory, Beckett on Barracka, Beckett @ the Halfmoon, Beckett @ The Crawford – this new staging allows Not I and Footfalls to resonate with each other in the unique and intimate environment of Plugd.

GAITKRASH: Bernadette Cronin, Regina Crowley, Mick O’Shea

VIDEO: John Halpin

VOICE: Máirín Prendergast

PRODUCTION: Sadhbh Barrett-Coakley and Sinead Crowley

SET DESIGN: Barry Monaghan

RECORDIST: John Poland

PLUGD: James Horgan


“This experimental, generous and rare collaborative event plugged Beckett back into precise points in the contemporary world to both critical and fascinating effect.” (Beckett on Barracka, Ed Krčma, Enclave,

“The company embraced risk and innovation and developed extraordinarily productive collaborations with visual artists and sound artists.” (Beckett @ the Factory, Mary McCarthy, Dir. Crawford )

“They remain true to Beckett’s text but build a whole new theatrical experience around it… the experience of witnessing Not I in so vivid a live performance is akin to having the breath sucked from one’s body.” (Beckett @ the Crawford, Marc O’Sullivan, Irish Examiner)


Gaitkrash … a frontier of experimentation (playing ‘the maids’, Liam Heylin, Echo)

“It’s very rare to see a company of such experience tackling new and challenging texts with such discipline and heart. It’s rare for me to feel so excited about where a company is going next”. (England, Tim Crouch)

Gaitkrash… specialists in sorcery (Prometheus Now, Mary Leland, Irish Times)


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