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After the incredible debut of "Profondo Rosso" (Deep Red), the soundtrack of the eponymous 1975 flm directed by Dario Argento, shortly afterwards Goblin would reach even further heights with a new soundtrack.

While "Profondo Rosso" had been partly composed by Giorgio Gaslini, "Suspiria" is 100% a Goblin album, the result of truly inspired creative work by all band members. The band were able to experiment with a variety of musical instruments such as bouzouki and celesta, tribal percussion, all kinds of sound effects using voice and musical instruments. Perfectly combined with the trademark mid-70s progressive and jazz-rock Goblin.

Together with "Profondo Rosso" and "Roller" (a non- soundtrack instrumental album released in 1976), "Suspiria" was Goblin's third hit album in just three years. An LP that still sounds incredibly innovative and scary. Another masterpiece for all soundtrack music lovers to own.
    Release Date: 07 Jun 22 Cat No: LPOST042P