Hands Up Who Wants To Die

Nil All


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A new album from Irish foursome Hands Up Who Wants to Die, featuring members of Shifting, No Spill Blood and Wild Rocket. Limited edition run of 12" vinyl in two stunning colourways, in a beautiful package featuring the illustrations of Matt Hedigan.

Working again with long-time collaborators John ‘Spud’ Murphy (Black Midi, Lankum, Caroline) and Ian Chestnutt, Hands Up Who Wants To Die present their long awaited third long player, Nil All. The album expands upon the delicate → brutal spectrum found on Hands Up’s previous LP, Vega in the Lyre, pushing further into spacious light and claustrophobic void. The band has twisted minimal musical ideas in various directions, with Spud’s sonic orchestration harnessing the exploration of sinuous melodies, elastic time and delicate micropolyphony.
    Release Date: 27 Mar 23 Cat No: FRDR024