Harmonia & Eno '76

Tracks And Traces


Sold Out

After the release of the second longplayer -Deluxe- in August 1975 Harmonia went back to touring the rest of the year until Roedelius, Moebius and Rother ended their collaboration in summer 1976. All three members started solo projects, but rejoined as Harmonia in September 1976 for a short time when Brian Eno visited them in Forst, Germany for eleven days, living and recording with Harmonia, before Eno went on to work with David Bowie. The material from -Tracks And Traces- is from this eleven days, and was not released until 1997 because the tapes were long considered lost. Here's the expanded re-issue for Grönland Records from 2009 with an exclusive new artwork for the first time on 2LP
    Release Date: 17 Sep 09 Cat No: LPGRON102