Jake Muir

The Hum Of Your Veiled Voice

LP - ltd red

Sold Out

Sferic reembrace ambient spirit Jake Muir for the label’s luscious 7th release; a fabrication of impressionistic city scapes describing L.A. at dusk, and Berlin dawning .
’The hum of your veiled voice’ was written by Muir in the wake of his transition from a life in Los Angeles to a new start in Berlin. It sees him transpose field recordings of his former home city into a hazier sort of mid-ground that subtly diffracts the difference with Berlin in summer, refining the shimmering production tekkers of his West Coast surf-pop tribute ‘Lady’s Mantle’ (2018) with a nuanced, lower case emotive tactility intended to arouse heady states of atmospheric tension between nostalgic sehnsucht and romantic promise.
    Release Date: 28 Oct 20 Cat No: sferic007