Jamie 3:26 & Danou P

What It Is...


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Jamie 3:26 and emerging Dutch artist Danou P welcome the next phase of their heady union with a timeless EP on Dan Shake’s imprint. ‘What It Is’ exhibits just how good the music can get when the synergy between two artists is on point, each track pureving an exhilarating atmosphere, and expansive journey. ‘

‘What It Is’ spreads across three tracks that make up over 34 minutes of music, brimming with peaks and valleys, Danou’s keys elevating Jamie’s authentic beats straight from the heart of the Chicago dancefloor. Dan Shake pays respect to the roots of electronic music through the music he makes, plays and releases, and has been patiently waiting on original material from Jamie for the label since ‘Were You Ready For That’ edit on Shake Tapes in 2018.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Roy Layers’ based around a particular chord Roy Ayers used in his music.
Like a rocket climbing through the atmosphere with Roy Ayers behind the wheel, and you are hitching a ride with him through the galaxy. “It’s the perfect example of what it sounds like when we really hit it off during a session. The creative juices start flowing and a track could almost become endless.” - Jamie and Danou P
    Release Date: 09 Nov 22 Cat No: SHAKE011