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Exotic Sequence


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From New Jersey via The Netherlands: longstanding US craftsman Joey Anderson makes his debut on Deeptrax with his inspiring new album… ‘Exotic Sequence’

His fourth LP to date, ‘Exotic Sequence’ is a fully instrumental deep dive into both Joey’s machines and mindset, as he explains himself… “The title ‘Exotic Sequence’ stood out to me because throughout the LP I tended to use a sequencer for the main melody of most of the tracks. Almost every time I approach a track with techno intentions it eventually ends up being deep / housey,” states the artist who broke through 15 years ago on Qu’s Strength Music and has worked closely with the likes of Dekmantel and, more recently, Avenue 66.

Now at home on the relatively new and positively thriving label arm of Dutch record store institution Deeptrax, Joey tells us where he’s at with a body of work that poignantly reminds us that it’s not the destination that counts; it’s the journey we endure to get there.

In this sense, ‘Exotic Sequence’ is the sound of Joey letting his instruments guide, inform and inspire him. Cuts like the constantly rising and hopeful ‘Sky Children’, the deep 808 bubbles and dreamy reflections of ‘Behind The Valley’ and the emotionally rich ‘Stop’ are just a handful of examples of Joey being lost in deep flow, channeling the creative energy in his studio.

It lands exactly three years after his last album ‘Rainbow Doll’, neatly bookending the strangest and most surreal start to any decade we’ve lived through since house and techno culture took root in the 80s. A timeless document that looks forward and back and remains unhurried, thoughtful and crafted with longevity, ‘Exotic Sequence’ is arguably the most honest and frank side to Joey Anderson we’ve heard in his extensive career so far.
    Release Date: 08 Mar 23 Cat No: DPTX-035