Jonathan Kusuma

Kerontang EP


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Jonathan Kusuma makes his return to Cocktail d'Amore with a love letter to his Indonesian homeland. Each song is steeped in the ancient textures and timbres of the gamelan, brought to life through modular synthesis. 'Awalan' opens the EP with a delicate touch - otherworldly chirps and aural colours of an early morning sunrise. 'Roda Rodi' as Mr. Kusuma explains is his interpretation of interlocking as a traditional Indonesian way of life - "Gotong Royong" or "Mutual Assistance". The idea of mutual assistance is the sharing of burdens between the member of community. Modular sequences tightly fitting into one another, helping to support one another in the structure of their momentary existence. 'Kerontang' and 'Racacak' are two cuts which have Jonathan's signature sound design printed all over them. Big, booming and full of enraptured percussion. We're treated to a haunting close on 'Lorong K'. Menaced tones rising and falling, small fragments piercing through as to be bits of disintegrating concrete falling off the walls of a lost city.
    Release Date: 21 Mar 22 Cat No: CDA034