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Hour Of The Ox


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Acclaimed singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Katie Kim returns for her sixth full-length album ‘Hour Of The Ox’. The Dublin-based artist enters a new epoch as her new collection of music is set to be her concluding work under the Katie Kim moniker. A sonically opulent and majestic new territory, written and recorded while in the process of moving to New York and subsequently mixed after returning to Ireland during the pandemic, ‘Hour of the Ox’ tells a story of longing and desperation for something different. An incompatible, disparate but devoted view of the world, told through lush strings, an orchestra of synthesizers, and live minimalist style drums.

In the artist’s own words - “Hour of the Ox is a collection of quiet moments that began alone, in flow, that were then generously reconstructed and reinforced with TMT steel. A sort of time capsule recorded over a period of time that was unforgiving and vengeful.”

Produced, arranged and recorded by Katie Kim and long-time collaborator John “Spud” Murphy (Black Midi / Caroline / Lankum), mood is central to the expansive musical landscape throughout the new album. Whether the recordings be bedroom, field or studio recordings. Darkened corners, icy atmospheres and hypnotic knife edge soundscapes. Piano chords stretch to infinity. Cinematic in scope and tectonic in delivery, many have used her scores in documentaries, film and TV to deliver their stories.

    Release Date: 09 Sep 22 Cat No: IALM01