Kean Kavanagh

Dog Person


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The dazzingly inventive co-founder of Soft Boy Records, Kean Kavanagh has drawn others into his orbit, pursuing a unique sound in the process.

Fresh from a collaboration with Kojaque, he finds solo focus on his brand new 10 track project 'Dog Person'.
Out now, it blends R&B song structures with hip-hop beats and even the odd slice of indie melodies, all sluiced into something wholly idiosyncratic.
He comments: “Before any of the songs were written I knew I was going to call the album ‘Dog Person’... That just cracked me up. It was funny to think of this demented half-dog, half-person… But then that led me to this character, this shittier version of myself. The procrastinating side of me. The side of me out drinking to get away from that. I liked the idea of that duality, that Jekyll & Hyde situation.” Clash Music

    Release Date: 25 Sep 20 Cat No: SB006