At Last EP


Sold Out

Phonica Whites sophomore release - Don Froth initially appeared on our radar last year with "Foam" - a laidback, dubby disco number that effortlessly got us all in summer mood. 10.000cc is Foams rowdy sibling. A twisted, bass-heavy stomper of a track, that takes disco, dub-step and punk-funk, spins them in blender and spits out one of the rudest basslines we have heard in a while. On the flip "Holiday (Dubbed Out)" returns to more familiar territory -  Laidback, dubby disco that instantly brings to mind "Foam" without being a carbon copy. Its breezy, summery and very organic in an analog sort of way. Limited vinyl pressing of 300 copies û hand stamped and numbered
    Release Date: 08 Jun 21 Cat No: PHONICAWHITE02