Austere 008


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Austere Recordings and Laak are back after a long hiatus with a limited 200 copy, hand stamped release. Picking up pretty much were they left off, at the deep end territory, and littered with classic Trax instrumentation. Taking influence from Virgo Four, Dream 2 Science, Sha-lor etc.

Nicely syncopated drum boxes litter the wavy pad collage of "Light Winds", which like the name suggests, flutters across the listener with tumultuous tribal floor toms. "Day By Day" follows on side A, a bright and breezy serenade of choir pads, lilting arpeggio and glistening keyboard motifs - both meditative and soothing but with just enough propulsion to keep it dancefloor friendly also.

"Now That Your Gone" is surely a tribute to vintage Ron Trent. Think his Electric Blue series or some of the deep tribal-gospel hybrids on FVR. Bobbing percussion, moody piano licks, and whispers of almost prayer like mantras cascading through the lush and dreamy mix - sublime. Finally, "The Garden" concludes proceedings in as heartfelt and sincere manner as the rest of the EP. A delicate organ-led romantic glider - Leighton Ashcroft & Abdul Kayum incredibly well programmed percussion and keyboard work highlighting the producers as part of the few serious songwriters contributing to the timeless body of proper house music tracks. A sure fire addition that any house head will want in their collection. Don't sleep on this.
    Release Date: 08 Mar 22 Cat No: AUS-008