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Liars fourth album is next in the band’s recycled coloured vinyl reissue series. Originally released in 2007 and recorded on the heels of 2006’s ‘Drum's Not Dead’ somewhere between LA and Berlin, the album marked another bold transition for the band. They took a more practical approach for this album, one based on traditional song structures and instrument usage, with Angus explaining at the time of release that “I’d never felt like a songwriter ‘til this album.”

“These wildly unpredictable art-rockers infuse the murky experimentation of their last two albums with the raw two- and three-chord rigor of punk, 1960s garage, and early 70s hard rock.” – Pitchfork (8.5)

“The most frightening, evolutionary band on the planet” – NME
    Release Date: 10 Feb 23 Cat No: XSTUMM287