Lida Husik

Fly Stereophonic


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Ex Washington DC native and now Portland Oregon resident Lida Husik has her 1997 album Fly Stereophonic released on vinyl for the first time. Lida Husik's versatile recording career has been graced by a broad pantheon of labels - the likes of Kramer's seminal NYC imprint Shimmy Disc, Caroline Records / Astralwerks, Alias Records and even an appearance on Rough Trade Singles Club with multi instrumentalist Beaumont Hannant. Fly Stereophonic is Lida Husik's fifth album, another inventive slab with clever twists and turns. Raised on Washington DC's Punk scene, Lida Husik's 90's indie rock template has morphed from 1960s psychedelia with 1970’s scifi movie scores and even endorsing electronica with her collaborative efforts with ambient specialist Beaumont Hannant. Laced with three solid minute dream pop confections and balanced with addictive melodies and quiet pop sensibilities. Lida Husik's personal stamp is surreal, mature, with catchy trippy hook laden guitar and a great seductive voice to match.

Fly Stereophonic
Fade Sister Cool
Sharon Hill Shadows
Cape Fear
Cafe Con Leche
Death Trip
Ein Symphonie Des Grauens
The Slide
Dead Poets
Chocolate City
Dancing Pants

    Release Date: 23 Apr 22 Cat No: TMASTLP003