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Lighght returns to Doom Trip with "Seodra" — A full-length record focused on the Irish producer's club and techno material. The tracks here are massive and propulsive. Synth leads soar above lively percussion, as each track is anointed with its own distinct spirit.

Though Lighght received a glowing response for 2021's electroacoustic outing, "Holy Endings," he's rarely content to stick with one sound for long. "Seodra" (pronounced show-druh, the Irish word for jewelry) gleams brilliantly with the artist's scrupulous approach to composition, making for a release that's vibrant and provoking.

Between the music he's released through his own imprint, and the music put out through various labels, Lighght continues to hold himself to a high standard when it comes to quality. Everything about "Seodra" feels right and the record is a perfect new entry in the artist's elaborate catalog.

    Release Date: 04 Mar 22 Cat No: BC1947