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Batoh Labradorite / Arthur Pawsey


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Wave Emoji are delighted to welcome back Nami Sato to Plugd for a headline show under her Batoh Labradorite guise. This will be her third performance in Plugd after previously appearing with Elaine Howley and Olan Monk. Nami has been living in Cork the last year or so, and this will be her last show in Ireland for the foreseeable, as she is moving back to Japan soon. We will miss you Nami! 

Nami grew up in Sendai - the small town on the coast side of Japan. In 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami washed out many towns. Her hometown, Arahama, was one of them. Ever since, she has made music in an attempt to create “scenery, fragrance and a special holy place in mind” for anyone who listens her songs. Moreover, She released the album 'ARAHAMA callings' to rebuild her hometown in music in 2013. It was created as a graduation work of her university, it was picked up in some magazines and it became a big topic.

In 2018, she qualified for Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin as a solo ambient musician. Her music performance in Berlin, brought many of her listeners to tears. Her latest EP 'Our Map Here' is released from London based label in 2019. comprises 5 instrumental tracks reflecting on the area’s recovery by using field recordings in disaster area by the tsunami.
Nami’s atmospheric suites inspire both calmness and wonder. With gorgeous layerings of synth, piano, guitar, field recordings and more, her songs recreate our world as much as they reimagine it.
When not working as a composer for television and short films, she contributes to local art projects and works on independent albums. Her first independent album ‘In spring at the north wasteland’ was released in 2011 as a part of the fund raising project to support orphans.

    Release Date: 12 May 23 Cat No: WAVEEMOJI03