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Dan Walsh "Drums & Cymbals" album launch, with Icebear (live), Cathal (dj)


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You know Dan Walsh yeah? Fixity. Half of Senior Infants Yer man from the Bonk. The Great Balloon Race. Currently plays in Junior Brother's band. Director of the Council for the Dark Arts Orchestra. Founder of the Cork Improvised Music Club. THAT Dan Walsh.

Well, he's playing a few solo shows. Not just for the craic. He has an album out. An album of drum solos no less. It's called 'Drums & Cymbals'. And he'd like to promote it via the medium of playing drums in the real world for actual humans.

He's not alone in these gigs.

Kildare based sonic mage Icebear shall be joining in with some shapeshifting noisy electronics. You might know her show 'Pure Phase' on DDR. It's pretty wild.

And holding the whole shabang together is the legendary (a term I do not use lightly) Cathal MacGabhann of the Altered Hours. He's leaving the guitar behind tho and instead bringing along a bag full of mad records for ye to dance/mosh/nod along to.

I must say we're proud of this line-up. See ye there.

Andy Deviant.

Limited capacity. Over 18s

7.30 - 11pm

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