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Declan Synnott / Covers Blown / Cosmic Loaf


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Declan Synnott
Declan Synnott is Cork based but his heart belongs to Wexford. He plays in several bands including Síoraí Geimhreadh, Horse, Bodycam and Power Acoustics. Solo, his music is based around synthesised and accidental sound, it is generally generous with low end and moves at as slow a pace as possible. He will be Launching his new album, Everything Lost in the Image at Plugd, released by Krim Kram ( on November 12th.

Covers Blown
Covers Blown is an artist working with lost and found sounds. They will present a sonic tapestry drawing on West Cork earth energies, fragmented folklore and institutional infrastructure.

Cosmic Loaf
Music to nod your head & have a small bop to with visuals by Renata Pękowska to hang your eyeballs on while the sounds hit you


Doors at 8

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