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Macedo / Synnott / Maguire


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Declan Synnott is a Cork based electronic musician. He plays in several bands including Síoraí Geimhreadh, Bodycam and Power Acoustics. Solo, his music is based around synthesised and accidental sound, it is generally generous with low end and moves at as slow a pace as possible. His most recent album, Everything Lost in the Image was released by Krim Kram in November 2022.

John Macedo is an artist and performer from London. He has incorporated everything from acoustic instruments and environmental sound to analogue and computer synthesis into recorded works, live performances, film, sound installations and workshops. He has a pluralistic approach which explores connections and relationships and revealing the hidden potential in all sounds, environments and technologies, often in intimate, immersive and intuitive ways.

Phil Maguire is an artist and composer from Scotland working with sound. Maguire produces music and sound works for synthesiser and computer that explore emptiness and emergence, of self and of machine. These works are informed by his experience composing, performing, and presenting works across the gamut of Minimalism. Maguire’s works place timbre under the microscope; examining fine details of sound over extended durations. Informed by intuitive use of feedback, chaos, and chance, these sounds are simultaneously static, yet always in motion.

Doors 6.30 / Start 7pm

    Release Date: 27 Aug 23 Cat No: MACEDO