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Maguire & La Berge / The Quiet Club

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Two sets of experimental electronic music from duos exploring the boundaries of listening. Anne La Berge and Phil Maguire’s reductive electroacoustic landscapes contrast with The Quiet Club’s prepared instrument and sampled assemblages.

Anne La Berge and Phil Maguire's work has been described as experimental within the electro- acoustic musical style. They play at volume levels much softer than mainstream electronic music and the acoustic instrument in their duo is an electronically processed flute. They enjoy playing for relatively small audiences where the intimacy of detailed sonic textures and slow-moving soundscapes is shared by everyone in the room. They have performed at Hundred Years Gallery in London, POM in Eindhoven and are considered a house band in Splendor Amsterdam. Their works are named after cities.

Formed in Feb 2006 by Danny McCarthy and Mick O'Shea, The Quiet Club have met with
considerable success and became recognised as one of Ireland's leading sound art
improvisation groups. Employing a wide range of sound making devices, ranging from stones, home made instruments, electronics, amplified textures, oscilloscopes, theremins, field recordings etc., they continue to push the boundaries of sound making and listening.