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Natalia Beylis / Star Of The Sea


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Delighted to welcome back Natalia Beylis to Plugd after an unforgettable show last year.

Natalia Beylis' music revolves somewhere between sonic story-teller and multi-instrumental explorer. She has released over 40 albums between solo works and collaborations and has appeared on numerous compilations. While she regularly records on a variety of traditional instruments (mainly pianos, organs, keyboards and mandola), she is just as likely to use non-musical sound sources within her compositions. For example, she recently released an album using just the sounds created by a domestic sewing machine.

In her live performances, Natalia layers seemingly incongruous sounds atop of each other to spawn strange juxtapositions and garbled parallels by exploring the sonic potentials of domestic appliances, found objects, cassette tapes and field recordings.

Natalia's latest album 'Mermaids' is now available on Touch Sensitive Records.

STAR OF THE SEA began as a collaboration between three music
producers, Diarmuid MacDiarmada, The Clumsy Giantess (Tara Baoth
Mooney), and Warmer Climes (Taf Hassam). Scattered between the
Sligo/Leitrim mountains the trio perform longform immersive works,
utilising a range of instruments from harps and kalimbas, to tape-loops,
and synthesisers.

Diarmuid MacDiarmada is a multidisciplinary veteran of the Irish art and
music world from the most popular platforms to the esoteric hinterlands.
Past projects include: The Jimmy Cake, The Tycho Brahe, and many

Tara Baoth-Mooney is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses
sound, song, performance, textiles, drawing, and video. She works in
collaboration with The Clumsy Giantess, a shadow persona that enables
her to engage her practice and the living world.

Taf Hassam/Warmer Climes is an artist and organiser. His music often
utilises both analogue and digital technologies to construct trance-like
inducing melodies and rhythms. Projects include: BRRR, Black & White
Radio, Nature Walks, and Antakya Remains.

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