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After an incredible gig here early last year, we are delighted to welcome back Trick Mist to plugd for his belated vinyl release show.

Support from Mark Waldron Hyden.

Trick Mist is Irish songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Gavin Murray.

His arsenal of original samples and storytelling lyrics combined with gestures towards traditional Irish music and experimental electronics create a captivating, immersive and meditative musical space.

His second full-length album The Hedge Maze and The Spade was released in Sept 2022 via Pizza Pizza Records. A contemplative collection of songs crafted by Murray after the death of his 96 year old grandmother. Lyrically rich and highly visual, the album moves the listener through an exploratory journey comprised of the familiar and the strange. A landscape in which personal memory and imagination together carve an image of universal hope.

The album received widespread critical acclaim, with Hotpress describing it as “a sonic storybook lush with detail … sounds that command all five senses.” Headstuff praising “a remarkably atmospheric and reflective album … meticulously layered and steeped in catharsis. Its unearthly qualities are grounded by both familiar sounds and familial themes, rendering it simultaneously challenging yet attainable. An album that rewards its listener, revealing more of itself with every listen.” The Thin Air hailed the album as “Murray’s most assured compositions to date.” Both The Thin Air and Headstuff featured the album on their ‘Best Irish Album of the Year’ lists.

Mark Waldron Hyden

Mark Waldron-Hyden is a composer and sound artist from Cork, Ireland. Their work involves investigating naturally occurring rhythmic and percussive soundscapes in our surroundings.

They have recently released a collection of experimental field recording compositions, including "Trees As A Musical Controller" (Sensory Leakage Records, UK), an album composed using only the percussive sounds of trees and "Natural Rhythms: Healing Well/Old Bridge" (Anticipating Nowhere Records, UK) which consists of two long-form underwater recordings of rivers and ancient wells in Ireland. More recently they have been artist-in-residence at Ouriço Art House in Lisbon and at The Guesthouse Project in Cork, investigating naturally occurring rhythms and how they can inform real-time composition.

    Release Date: 09 Jun 23 Cat No: TRICKMIST02